Technology Is Amazing…

I run a blog about assistive technology for Apple users. People who, like me, use iPhones, iPads, and Mac computers for at least some of our assistive technology needs. You can probably tell from this that I really like Apple products! But today I’m going to post a Microsoft commercial for you to view. Surprised?

Here’s the video (which does have captions, though the timing on them is unfortunately badly done):

It’s fantastic to see an AAC user – somebody who uses alternative and augmentative communication instead of speech – positively portrayed on television. Steve Gleason was a former professional athlete in the USA who has ALS. You can see more of Steve Gleason’s story on YouTube or visit the Team Gleason website to learn more about Steve and the eye tracking device he uses for communication.

At the moment eye tracking is one area of accessibility where Windows is undeniably ahead of Apple, but with groups like The Eye Tribe promising OS X compatibility coming in 2014 and eye tracking now entering the mass market for gamers, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if this changed in the next few years.

– Ricky

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