Assistive Technology Link Roundup - 12 April 2015

Weekend Roundup for 12 April 2015

Here are the best Apple assistive technology and accessibility links for the week of 12 April 2015. Everything from around the web that’s relevant to disabled, aged, and chronically ill Apple users.


Helpful discovery of the day: The Eye Friendly display resolution switcher for OS X. A quick way to change the size of everything on the screen.

BeeRaider – interesting alternative efficient keyboard design

How to access audio descriptions when watching DVDs on a Mac computer

Top 10 keyboard shortcuts every Mac user should know

Bookshare’s “Web Reader” Access for Students with School Accounts Invites More Reading


Using Work Systems to Create Educational iPad Success – Brilliant ways of dividing up your child’s iPad time between schoolwork and games!

What can Siri do for you?
Siri personal assistant gets more useful with every iOS upgrade – she can probably do more things than you expect she can.

Apple unveils new Siri tips website as it brings feature to more countries

Apple Releases iOS 8.3 with New Features and Bug Fixes for Blind and Low Vision Users

10 Apps for Practicing Motor Skills

123 Token Me App – Great review by Everyday Speech showing you how to set up and use the app

Review: Gab & Go Harness [Really helpful and complete review of the Gab and Go Harness for carrying an iPad or iPhone AAC system. -9]

15 Crucial Tools for Social Workers – Social Work Degree Center

Mini-review: Libre, the ultra-thin & spill-proof iPad keyboard (with a rather less thin case)

MindShift app helps users cope with everyday anxiety

Quote of the Week

Quote: When you have a disability, knowing that you are not defined by it is the sweetest feeling.

The image is of Anne Wafula Strike, a British wheelchair racer and paralympian, who very kindly gave me permission to use her photo in this image. Thanks Anne!

Apple Watch / Smart Watches

Apple Watch Confirmed to Have VoiceOver, Zoom, and Dynamic Type Support

Great first look at the Apple Watch and Accessibility by Steve Aquino

13 Reasons Why I Want an Apple Watch

An in-depth look at Apple Watch accessibility features

Official Apple Watch accessibility page

HomeKit / Smart Home / Internet Of Things

Poppy – New smart elegant home automation devices – Worth a look!

Tado smart thermostat app gets smarter with multiple temperatures in the day

Meld: The smart new way to cook!

Here on ATMac

With the publication of Straps for iPad and iPad Mini – Part 2, our whole Straps and Lanyards series is finished! You can use this link to recommend it to your friends:

Straps and Lanyards for iPhone, iPad, and iPad Mini

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What was your favourite article this week?

– Ricky

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