Weekend Roundup for 14 September, 2014

Wow, what a huge week for Apple!

Here are some of the best articles, links, and new products that I have spotted online in the past week or so which have some relevance to Apple products and disabled or chronically ill users …

OS X Links

Playing Chess on the Mac – written and audio tutorial for VoiceOver users.

The best Mac apps for reading ebooks.

Smart Scroll for Mac OS X – Offers smooth and easy iPhone-like scrolling, smart scrolling, and hover scrolling. Lots of options!

Podcast from Brian Smart about OS X VoiceOver latency (slowness), its causes, comparisons, and what to do.

The team from Audiogame.it want to know what your favourite audio game is.

iOS Links

Uncommon Sense: Comparison of Volume Intensity in iPad Cases (and a speaker).

Coming soon from AssistiveWare – makers of Proloquo2Go – educational and accessible iOS 8 keyboards for iPad. Sign-up to win a free license!

Proloquo2Go on an iPad
Proloquo2Go, a symbol-supported communication app, is another of AssistiveWare’s products.

How to Use Google Drive support in the Clicker Apps.

How One Dyslexic Speed Reads With the Voice Dream Reader.

10 Apps for Teaching Emotions and Calming Skills.

How to create macros in Proloquo2Go, you can speak the current time, date, and device battery level.

FAQs about Dynavox’s T10 and Compass AAC apps.

Home Automation

Blumoo turns your iOS device into the ultimate remote.

The only thing missing from Tile, the Bluetooth tracking gadget, is more users (review).

Crowdfunding Campaigns

LinkMount system magnetic dock, stand, grip ring, detachable leash, and tripod mount. I’ve written about this before but the compaign only has 15 days to go now and I like them 🙂

Battery-free SleeKeys makes iPad typing less of a pain in the glass – an iPad keyboard that sits over the onscreen keyboard and uses that, so it’s battery free but still gives that tactile typing feeling.


Other Links

As well as our own post on Accessibility Implications of iPhone 6 Apple Watch Event, AppleVis wrote a Recap and Opinions for Apple’s Fall 2014 Announcements which picked up several points relevant to blind users that I hadn’t included. It’s well worth reading.

Here on ATMac

There were two new articles for this week on ATMac:
Accessibility Implications of iPhone 6 Apple Watch Event

Developers: This is What Disabled Gesture Users Need – what might a perfectly accessible gesture/multitouch control system look like?

I also updated a huge percentage of our old articles this week. The one that got the most updates was How To Use Dvorak with OS X Mountain Lion or Mavericks.

Did you see anything else online that I missed? Leave a comment or drop me a line!

– Ricky

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