Apple/Assistive Technology Link Roundup 17 May 2015

Weekend Roundup for 17 May 2015

Here are the best Apple assistive technology and accessibility links for the week of 17 May 2015. Everything from around the web that’s relevant to disabled, aged, and chronically ill Apple users.


The Blind Swordsman; a Self-Voicing Audio Game for Mac OS X

Chrome add-on helps you see the web if you’re color-blind

Dragon dictate icon and boxed software.
Been wanting to buy Dragon Dictate? Now is a great time to give your hands a break and get started with dictation.


AppleVis Unlimited: What’s New in Accessible Apps for April 2015

[Audio for VO users] How to unlock your Apple watch from the watch itself or via your iPhone

Sound/Music Cause and Effect Apps for Engaging AAC Learners

I Learn – a creative and engaging app for 3-8 year olds

SmallTalk: Free Communication and Practice Apps – Assistive Technology at Easter Seals Crossroads

Best Apps for Written Expression

AppleVis Community Inducts KNFBReader and Be My Eyes into the iOS App Hall of Fame

It Hurts! Pain Management Apps for Children

White plastic frame holding iPhone at the front and a document behind it.
The scanjig pro makes it simple to scan documents with your iPhone.

About the ScanJig Pro

Turn It Up & Tell the World Reading Challenge

Apple Watch / Smart Watches

Need to adjust your hearing aid? There’s an Apple Watch app for that (Video)

From a deafblind user: How Apple Watch changed Molly’s life and Update from 2 weeks later.

The uses of the digital crown on the Apple watch and VoiceOver specific digital crown navigation mode

VoiceOver audio demo of sending a dictated message on the Apple watch

How to Use Siri on Apple Watch

Apple Watch 101: Digital Crown Navigation And VoiceOver

This blind user wasn’t going to buy an Apple Watch, but still did… what happened next?

Apple Watch: Mark Your Location – Remember where you parked the car! -r

The Apple Watch is already improving the lives of deaf users

Apple Watch 101: Controlling Whether VoiceOver Speaks When You Raise Your Wrist

Question to VoiceOver users: How is your experience of haptic feedback on the Apple Watch?

HomeKit / Smart Home / Internet Of Things

Apple Says First HomeKit Smart Devices Coming in June

Ring Video Doorbell: $199 – Very handy if it’s hard for you to dash to the door when the doorbell rings!

Belkin’s WeMo app adds IFTTT & support for more bulbs including Cree

Crowdfunding Campaigns

For $19, this USB stick turns almost anything into a button

Other Links

Joe Reddington writes about using text-expansion to remind yourself to state things in the positive – I think this is a really interesting technique that you could also use to help remind you of other things about language usage, so it could be helpful for a variety of mental health reasons.

American Foundation for the Blind honors Apple for VoiceOver technology

Self-Selected Reading: Books for Every Reader

Here on ATMac

We were lucky enough to have Christopher Hills write a guest article this week:

iOS Switch Control for Vision Impaired Users

Did you see anything else online that I missed? Leave a comment or drop me a line!

– Ricky

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