G3 iMac in a manual wheelchair over an old OS X default desktop image.

Weekend Roundup for 19 October 2014

Here are some of the best articles, links, and new products that I have spotted online in the past week or so which have some relevance to Apple products and disabled or chronically ill users …

OS X Links

Mac speech recognition users – make sure you’ve upgraded Dragon Dictate to 4.0.5 for Safari 7.1 Compatibility.

Pretty much all of the OS X links for this week have been rolled up into the Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite Accessibility Roundup.

iOS Links

Meet the new Connect Case for iPad – great for switch users!

Connect iPad Case includes switch adapters and a speaker.
Connect iPad Case includes switch adapters and a speaker.

nobiggi: A big idea to help you hold big phones.

What is Switch Control mode in iOS?

iPhone 6 Options from a Low Vision Perspective.

Dark Mode As iOS Accessibility Feature.

Video: Alex Voice and Braille Screen Input Mode in iOS 8.


Barograph uses the new iPhone pressure sensor.

Apple Temporarily Removing Blood Glucose Tracking from Health App After Reported Issues.

Text-To-Speech With iOS 8.

iOS 8: Using and Disabling QuickType.

Apps To Help You Fight Worry And Anxiety.

Extend the Usability of the Mountbatten Brailler With the Bluetooth Extension Module and Companion iOS App.

Home Automation / Internet Of Things

Petnet SmartFeeder automatic pet feeder – cool home automation!

Petnet's automatic SmartFeeder and the app that controls it.
Petnet’s automatic SmartFeeder and the app that controls it.

First Look: GE Link Connected LED Bulb + Wink Hub.

Apple opens the door for HomeKit accessory makers w/ finalized MFi specs.

Philips BlueTouch and PulseRelief – app-controlled TENS & blue light therapy.

Crowdfunding Campaigns

Darma smart seat cushion: Sit smart for a healthy body and mind.


Ambi Climate: The Smart Add-on For Your Air Conditioner

Signul: a personal iBeacon implementation. Simplify your digital life by automatically sending messages, launching Apps and much more based on micro location.

Automate your blinds with a smart control kit in under 15 minutes.

Only a few days to go for this Andiamo: 3D Printed Orthotics For Disabled Kids croudfunding campaign – take a look!

BEMO° Smart Home System & Smart Thermostat Alternative.


Here on ATMac

New articles for this week:

Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite Accessibility Roundup

And our article on Stylus and Pointer Options for iPad and iPhone Users is now finished, with Do It Yourself Styluses and Pointers published too.

Did you see anything else online that I missed? Leave a comment or drop me a line!

– Ricky

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