Assisistive Technology Link Roundup 22 February 2015

Weekend Roundup for 22 February 2015

Here’s the best Apple assistive technology and accessibility links for the week of 22 February 2015. Everything from around the web that’s relevant to disabled, aged, and chronically ill Apple users.


Setting up VoiceOver to automatically speak incoming Messages on Mac OS X

Screenshot of movie showing audio and subtitle options.
Some movies from the iTunes Store come with multiple languages and subtitles.

Everything you need to know about ripping DVDs with subtitles

Using Text Replacement so you can type less

Cool AT Tools: Programs Simplify Text, Reads It Aloud To Keep Learners Current with Curriculum Content – Great for those readers where regular audio versions aren’t quite enough help.

Demo of how to password protect a folder in OS X using VoiceOver

AppleVis opens iOS and OS X accessibility bug database


How to use your iPhone 6 Plus one-handed – I actually use mine quite differently to this – I’ll try to get some photos soon. I pinch the top corner between my first and second fingers as I can usually rest the bottom corner on some other bit of my body and that gives my more reach with my thumb. Only works for people sitting or lying down though.

iBrailler Notes: A Braillewriter app for iPad.

An Introduction To Workflow For iOS for VoiceOver Users: Powerful Automation Made Simple

The Phorm case adds physical keys to your iPad mini screen

BabyTalk initiative uses iPads to help children with cochlear implants learn to talk

Proloquo4Text was updated to 2.0. Here are the instructions for updating

AppleVis opens iOS and OS X accessibility bug database

Microsoft OneNote gets handwriting support on the iPad, OCR everywhere

Time for iOS VoiceOver users to Give Fleksy Another Shot?

Apple Watch / Smart Watches

App will bring blood-glucose monitoring to the Apple Watch

HomeKit / Smart Home / Internet Of Things

The Summer Foundation Housing Technology Showcase: How iPads and smart homes can enable a person with a disability to live independently…

Other Links

Accessibility is for everyone – This is a great article, with which I heartily agree.

Here on ATMac

New articles for this week:

4 Great iOS Math Apps

Do Button Simplifies Your Home Automation Interface

Did you see anything else online that I missed? Leave a comment or drop me a line!

– Ricky

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