Assistive Technology Link Roundup 25 January 2015

Weekend Roundup for 25 January 2015

Here are some of the best articles, links, and new products that I have spotted online in the past week or so which have some relevance to Apple products and disabled or chronically ill users …


MacID: Unlock your Mac with Touch ID – great if typing is hard for you!

OrbiTouch Keyless Keyboard – Great for people with fine motor problems.

Black keyboard-sized board with a mouse-shaped bulge for each hand, each with a  handspan-sized circle around it.


iOS Access for All edition for iOS 8 has now been released

Doxie Go Wi-Fi: Computer-free scanning goes wireless

You can now take every Interactive Khan Academy course via the iPad too – Great for all learners, especially those who are struggling in any way.

A Note to the Mainstream Media: Yes, Blind People Can Actually Use Touchscreens.

New Voice Dream Writer app from VoiceDreamApp helps you write better with tons of AT features.

HomeKit / Smart Home / Internet Of Things

With HomeKit on horizon, home automation is about to get real.

Belkin Plans to Add HomeKit Support to WeMo Line in ‘Very Near Future’.

Never lose your keys (or phone) again with Chipolo – I wanted one, and I showed my flatmate and she wanted one too, so we’ve put our order in.

Chipolo chip and phone
I love that the Chipolo devices come in such bright happy colours.

Eat smart with this connected iPad scale.

Cree Connected LED bulbs: Inexpensive, compatible home automation solution.

Crowdfunding Campaigns

NEEO – The Thinking Remote

Other Links

New article from WebAxe: Apple’s Inaccessibility.

Here on ATMac

New articles for this week:

Supercharge your Trackpad

I also spent quite a while this week creating new header graphics including the headline’s text to make it easier for fans who want to promote ATMac posts on Pinterest. How do you like them?

Did you see anything else online that I missed? Leave a comment or drop me a line!

– Ricky

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