Weekend Roundup 29 March 2015

Weekend Roundup for 29 March 2015

Here are the best Apple assistive technology and accessibility links for the week of 29 March 2015. Everything from around the web that’s relevant to disabled, aged, and chronically ill Apple users.

No pictures today – I am struggling mightily with crappy health and other things. Sorry!


Force Touch is going to do incredible things for accessibility

[Audio] Quick tip demo of print to a pdf file from Safari for VoiceOver users

How to use Windows PC peripherals on your new Mac – This can be important if you have expensive accessibility equipment! Most will work on Macs as well as Windows.

NoSleep For OS X: Close Your MacBook Without Putting It To Sleep [Audio tutorial for VoiceOver users]

Learn how to automate your Mac – Automation is handy for everybody, but it’s AWESOME for disabled users!

How to set up a paperless office using your Mac or iPhone


‘Hey Siri’ in iOS 8.3 allows for automatic speakerphone calls – Finally!!! This is vital for accessibility.

Photo allegedly reveals Apple Store demo kit for trying on in-ear headphones – Me and my odd-shaped ears love this idea, I hope it’s true.

Mindfulness: Top 10 websites and apps to teach and model this concept

Tech Tip: GPS Options for the Visually Impaired

ModMath: Do Math on your iOS device

Electronic Graphic Organizers Benefit Students With Dyslexia

iDo Hygiene App – New special needs app for teaching hygeine activities

Using Let’s be Social for Behavioral Support

iOS 8 How-To: Use Siri to search the App Store, iTunes Store and iBooks Store

Apple TV

What we want to see from the next Apple TV – Are there any accessibility features you want to see?

Siri and App Store will make Apple TV a game-changer

Apple Watch / Smart Watches

Why I’m Not Excited About the Apple Watch…Yet – Good opinion from a blind user

Apple Starts Releasing 3rd-Party Apps Available for Apple Watch

HomeKit / Smart Home / Internet Of Things

Notti and Dotti light up a room with notifications and music

Accessible Smart Home Systems: Lowe’s Iris – Great review, focusing on disability areas

Crowdfunding Campaigns

Trickey – Any key, anywhere! – Customized keyboards sound like fun and very useful!


Smartstones Touch: a small stone that lets you send messages with custom touch and motion gestures.

Check Out Kickstarter: Tech Innovations Support Math, Coding Skills for Dyslexia, Low Vision

Narbis: Glasses that teach your brain to stay focused using neurofeedback – Looks interesting!


Emvio’s smartwatch will tell you when you’re stressing out

Did you see anything else online that I missed? Leave a comment or drop me a line!

– Ricky

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