G3 iMac in a manual wheelchair over an old OS X default desktop image.

Weekend Roundup for 9 September 2014 (Belatedly…)

Here are some of the best articles, links, and new products that I have spotted online in the past week or so which have some relevance to Apple products and disabled or chronically ill users …

This week’s article is somewhat belated as I have been ill – sorry about that!!

OS X Links

Learn how ZoomText Mac’s Mouse Echo tool lets you quickly and easily spot read text on screen.

Enjoy chess? Your Mac has a great chess app built in that’s fully accessible. AppleVis has a new guide to using OS X chess.

Paul J Adam got a bunch of people on Twitter talking this week with his keyboard accessibility slant on the ALS “Ice Bucket Challenge” that was so popular this week:

iOS Links

iMore have added an index to all their “How to” guides for the built-in accessibility features for iPad and iPhone: How to use Accessibility for iPhone and iPad: The ultimate guide. It’s a useful resource for 101-level accessibility that everybody should know about.

PATH swipe input keyboard for iPad is now free & will be upgraded to an iOS 8 third-party keyboard – grab it now!

Kids With Autism See Big Gains With Tablets. I’m sure ATMac readers will be as unsurprised as I am at this result, but it’s always useful to have research to back up individual experience. If nothing else, it’ll help convince bean counters to fund things!

PrAACtical AAC has a bunch of resources for the Speak for Yourself AAC app.

Three Apps to help with Executive Function: AOTA Apps Database Sneak Peek.

iPad Bluetooth Switch Interfaces: 4 Great Choices for Hands-Free Control.

iOS 7 Switch Control Settings
iOS 7 Switch Control Settings also showing blue switching curser because switch control is turned on.

AppleVis Editorial Team App Picks of the Month for August 2014 have been announced.

4 Apps That Can help Teens Learn Community Skills.

What a Larger Screen iPhone Means for Accessibility.

How To Clean Lint from iPhone and iPad Ports.

Home Automation

Review: Lockitron Internet-connected smart door lock

Elgato announces Eve connected home accessories, Avea smart light bulbs ahead of HomeKit’s arrival. I love my Elgato EyeTV device, hopefully these will be as awesome.

The Smart Home Is Going To Be A Huge Boon To Accessibility – my feelings exactly!

Here on ATMac

We were all about the Beacons this week, with articles 2 and 3 in the series:

iBeacon Accessibility Ideas

iBeacon Accessibility Projects

If you want to share this, perhaps share the whole iBeacons for Assistive Technology Series.

Also updated this week:

How To Speak to Your iPhone or iPad

Did you see anything else online that I missed? Leave a comment or drop me a line!

– Ricky

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