Straps for iPad and iPad Mini Part 1

Straps for iPad and iPad Mini – Part 1

There are not a lot of ways to permanently attach a strap or lanyard to your iPad or iPad mini – but there are probably more than you think there are. Here are our best suggestions.

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Think First!

What are your needs? These are some questions to help you clarify what you are looking for:

What is the device you need the strap for? You’ll need to know if it’s an iPad or iPad Mini and exactly what model you have as cases are often specific to a single model.

Do you want a strap that just goes around a wrist, one to wear around the neck lanyard-style, a handbag-style shoulder strap, or something else?

Should the user be able to unstrap the device from their body by themselves, or only with help?

Should the user be able to take the strap off the device by themselves, or should it always stay attached?

Is the device likely to be thrown, dropped, chewed on, or similar?

Does the user need to carry just the iPad/iPad Mini or are they also carrying something else such as a speaker, stylus, etc? If so, does this also need to be attached to the strap?

Straps Designed For Special Needs Device Wearing

There are several systems which are designed for AAC device users who wish to wear their iPad or iPad Mini devices.

This black and black camo patterned ChatBag was made for an iPad Mini.

CHAT Bag – This allows a shoulder strap so you can wear the device over a shoulder or across the body. The CHATBag doesn’t always look too safe in photos with the bag gaping at the sides, but I looked up a bunch of reviews and everybody said it was fine once it’s in use and very secure. Lori from CHATBag told me:

We also have never had any complaints, nor have we personally ever had any device fall out of our CHAT Bags. Obviously no case or bag is 100% safe but we are thankful that this has not been an issue in the 4 years we have been selling them. Our bags do hug the device securely. Our daughter carries hers daily to communicate and can be pretty rough.

Another advantage to CHAT Bags is that they can be special ordered to fit over any size protective case.

Gab and Go harness on a manequin with a tablet device and speaker also attached.
This model Gab and Go Harness is suitable for a device such as a tablet.

Gab and Go harness – The harness fits across the upper body and includes a bluetooth speaker ideal for AAC users. The device is attached with strong adhesive and clips.

Girl with iPad in carry case worn diagonally across the body.
This iPad Carry Case can be worn diagonally over the body or over one shoulder.

RJ Cooper’s iPad Carry Case with its over-the-body style strap is suitable for older AAC users, and comes with or without an additional bumper case to provide protection to the device.

RJ Cooper’s iPad Ultimate II Carry Case provides additional bumper protection, and his Ultimate II Mini Case are even more protective and have a shoulder strap.

Once again, make sure you read all articles in this series:

Straps and lanyards are great for keeping an iPad close to you with less effort. They will also help prevent some drops and knocks to the device, though not all. But they only work, of course, when they are in use. Before you purchase one, make sure you consider whether the user will be likely to want to use the strap, and how you can make sure it’s comfortable and easy to use. Even just getting a strap in a favourite colour or covering it with fabric featuring a favourite character or object can make a big difference.

– Ricky

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